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Nanny Salary .ca is the best website to learn all you need to learn about nanny salaries in Canada. Many people do not like, may feel uncomfortable or embarrassed to talk about money, and the topic can often seem overcomplicated and unclear for both nannies and employers. How much should you pay your nanny? What if your nanny is a live-in nanny? Does that mean you have to provide room and board on top of the nanny salary? As a nanny how much should you charge your employer for your services? If you are a babysitter how do you set your babysitter rates? How do you know that you are not being underpaid by an employer? sets out to address all these issues so that the process of hiring a nanny or acquiring a nanny position is as straightforward as possible. Our team of employment experts are happy to answer any questions related to nanny salaries but check the information below for a clearer understanding of nanny salaries in Canada
What should you pay your nanny? How do you know if your nanny is worth her rates?
According to the law you are obliged to pay your nanny a nanny salary no less than the minimum wage as is determined by the province in which you reside. This generally is somewhere in the range of $8-$11 as a minimum.
If an employer is looking to hire a foreign caregiver, it is worth also keeping in mind that along with the nanny salary of no less than minimum wage you are also legally obliged to provide room and board for your caregiver. An employer is also responsible for paying for the health insurance of any foreign caregiver until she becomes eligible for provincial health coverage.
Your nanny is also eligible to paid vacation time. Most province legislation states that a nanny is entitled two weeks uninterrupted vacation leave and that nanny pay during vacation leave must equal 4% of gross earnings.
If an employer is looking for a babysitter for their children it is worth asking friends, neighbors and family members what they pay their sitters. Babysitters can set their own babysitter rates so be sure to check that your sitter is not over charging you for their services. Most babysitters receive an hourly wage that should be negotiated and determined before work commences. It is important to make your nanny feel appreciated so if you are satisfied that your nanny or babysitter is doing a great job you can increase your nanny’s salary. This will often mean that your nanny will be more likely to remain in your employment rather than seek a job if she feels she can receive a greater nanny wage.
Keep in mind that the salary that you pay your nanny will be dependent on a variety of factors. You should expect to pay a nanny a greater nanny salary if they have had a number of years prior nanny experience, or if they hold a child care qualification or a degree. The nanny you wish to hire may set her nanny rates higher than what you expected but may reflect greater competency and experience in the field of childcare. If you have any concern that her nanny rates seem too high you can always ask for references, proof of experience and educational attainments and you can always renegotiate your nanny’s salary prior to signing a contract.

Experts agree that nannies and families should insist upon a written agreement before hire. This agreement, or contract, should include a statement of general responsibilities, compensation and benefits, guidelines on handling emergencies, household guidelines and security issues. Nannies and families find that agreement on these important job issues before employment helps avoid misunderstanding and conflict later on. 

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